Sunday, August 28, 2011

What I did today...

Such an English school project thing isn't it? Well, although its kinda winter still and we should be a teensy bit rugged up, the weather didn't seem to know that today.  It was sunny, a bit windy and we got out in the sun, washing car, planting herbs and doing some general yard clean up.  
I then moved inside as it got later, did some inside 'chores' or jobs and then progressed to photograph everything in my wake! Look out when I'm in the mood.  I've popped a couple into a free action I bought from MCP Actions, not pretty but hadn't the chance to use it before.  I haven't done it I made a boo boo, I also added one of My Four Hens Photography's thin white border actions around the outside.  

I love everyone who creates these actions! Free and paid....remember, if anyone stumbles across this blog and uses any of the free actions, you can donate to most of the providers! It helps them keep going and continue to provide those of us with tools that we can't create.

Well, the weekend continues, I'm heading in for the night...a big day tomorrow!  Football and the last home game of the season.  Should be a great day!

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