Sunday, August 21, 2011

First post

Are all first posts titled just that? First post??
My photographic journey began a little while ago, well quite a while ago.  I bought my own SLR Minolta right before digital cameras took off.  I was hopeless at it.  I'd dreamed I guess of being a bit like my dad, he always took great photos and he knew all about the camera, he took cool images and did fantastic things with light, with shutter speed and the filters he had!...he even helped me choose that first SLR.  

Problem was, I was no good at it. I wear glasses and thought that was my problem.  I'd wait a day or two until the film was processed and was always bitterly disappointed.  Some of the photos were taken a month prior; I had no hope at all really, I couldn't even remember much about the photos, let alone what settings I'd used.  I just couldn't ever work out what was wrong nor how to fix it.

I decided I was no good, and the camera didn't see the light of day for years!  I waited a while and bought a digital camera, just to catch the memories, catch the moment only.  I loved it, loved that I could see a really bad photo and delete it without costing a fortune.  I loved that I could try some things and if they were bad or embarrassingly composed...delete.  

A couple of years ago my dad upgraded his digital and offered his old Canon DSLR 350d to me to 'borrow'.  I still have it, the lenses that came with it...the filter was upgraded when I had a minor accident with it during my borrowing period.  I've since expanded my kit, I still have the 350d as my sole body though, and my love and knowledge of photography.  I've still got sooo much to learn, I'm still at a basic level I'd say but loving this hobby and loving everything I've learnt so far.  And not just about cameras and photography, I've learnt a lot about people as well.  My favourite things to capture are people in their environment being natural, macro (when I can loan my dad's lens :) ) shots, and nature.  Well, I'm still learning, so really I do like to try anything new.

I'll be learning along the way, posting images and things I've stumbled across and sharing my journey with you.
Using natural light in a superb way and a rockin' set of catchlights in a crisp portrait are two things I aspire to....and I just hope to catch them in that perfect, that dream, that awesome moment that makes you feel it when you see it.

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