Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sunny days...

Sunny days are always hard to take when you're indoors working, with only a lunch break to venture out.  But the promise of the weekend and the possibilities are endless.  So many things you could be doing, so many people you could be seeing!  I love the anticipation of a weekend.
Last weekend I had a moment to myself, the sun was shining so I toddled out to the backyard and took some pictures of the very few flowers I have in the yard.  Not a great lot to choose from, but it felt nice being out in the sun...I didn't want the day to end :)

I didn't even mind that some of the 'flora' were weeds, brightening up spots in the yard and pointing out all the onion weed.  Wednesday tomorrow and the promise of another weekend is looming.   It doesn't feel like its been a long winter this year, but I'm already excited at the prospect of more sun, more outdoors and fresh air.

I processed the image above using some new actions I purchased today from My Four Hens Photography, and resizing for the web with The CoffeeShop Blog again.  I LOVE those rounded corners :) 

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