About Me...

If you're here and reading...thanks :) 

I am sometimes nervous, I often think too much and like to succeed (if it's possible).  
I'm also a bit Eeyore, I'm comfortable like that. 

I love my partner, I love my family and my life, I love reading and I love taking photographs. I love light and natural photography...and newly in love with bokeh, so addicted and in LOVE with bokeh. I am a librarian by day where, when I am lucky I get to photograph as well. 

I'm here to learn and when I can, share what I have learnt (though I've been a bit lazy with that lately)...I have fanciful dreams about where I'd like to be and who might be out there reading this blog, but really, I'm kinda happy just doing it having no current purpose for the images I capture.

I live in the suburbs of Melbourne in Australia and well, thats about it for now :)

A special thanks to all the family and friends (old and new) who have shared their love of photography and knowledge with me and who have been supportive in all I attempt and do. We are nothing without those around us :)

Thanks again and if you've gotten this far, WOW...hope you get something out of the rambley stuff on the blog :) xx

All images on this blog are fully copyrighted and are not to be used for any purpose unless permission is requested and granted from me, blog owner, image taker and copyright holder.
Please leave a comment if you would like further information.

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