Thursday, August 25, 2011


I've been unwell over the past few days and apart from the times I was too unwell to care what anyone was thinking, there have been many times that I realised how much I missed my social media.

I crave it.  I love to share what I'm doing, I love to share or be a part of what other people are doing.  All this doesn't of course take the place of human interaction for me.  It does help in moments when you just aren't feeling yourself or can't be in the public arena.

Much of the time I was unwell, the sun was shining and they were great days to be out taking photos.  I of course wouldn't have been doing that anyway (they were work days!), but you seem to dream more about it when you're gives you a sense that you 'could' be doing this and you 'could' be doing that if you were just a little better! :) The reality is, if you were better, you'd be at work!
The dreaming of photographs led me to remember my first real shoot with new subjects, a new location and basically children I don't know very well.  I had so much fun that day, sun was shining and they reminded me how to loosen up and quite frankly, how to just enjoy being.  It was great practise and there was the promise of more days like this to come.  The photographs I've posted below are among two of my favourites.  They remind me of the day, and although its technically still winter (as shown by the boots), summer is not too far away :)

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