Saturday, December 10, 2011

Midnight train...

Friday night is generally a quiet, come home from work and relax kind of night, and tonight hasn't really been any different. Came home, late, and lounged for a short time before N queried the nights takeout. Friday night is takeout or dine out night, more explicitly no cooking night.

Pizza and an evening of movies on the television lay ahead.

I've spent much of the night reading eBooks I'd downloaded and playing games on my iPad, my new best friend, or new best device. I've also explored online book clubs...there have to be some but they're surprisingly difficult to find. I shouldn't be too surprised though I suppose, when I wanted to locate one in my local area a while ago, when I was living 'back home', I couldn't find one. Or to be precise, I couldn't locate one that would take new people.

There are one or two twitter groups I've seen, though the ones I've stumbled across are themed, ie hisorical fiction. Which is fine, I love hisorical fiction, I'd just like to look at all my options before I commit.

So, here it is midnight and I'm about to get back on the train, metaphorically speaking. Soooo, let me know if you are in a great group or know of one. I've always wanted to be in a book group, just never happened I guess...

P.S. still waiting for that bag, or any sign of the bag, or news of the bags whereabouts! Concerns that it will be a 6 week delivery are looming.

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