Saturday, December 3, 2011

The bag lady...

Well, that's just what I feel like at the moment...that or the book lady.

I am like a mad thing downloading ebooks onto my new iPad; just in case I'm anywhere and need something to read.  At this rate, I could live for 2 months on the books I have stored and I'm still hungrily searching for more. I've just remembered a few that I have stored on my old laptop, they will of course need to be retrieved to help my virtual library grow.

And the bags, well I haven't exactly accumulated those, but I've been madly searching and researching and looking into and investigating the best, most reliable, most long wearing bag for me.  There are just so many on the market, how does one decide? There are special lady bags, there are backpacks, there are lens bags and sling bags, bulky bags and well, anything else you could imagine really.  Such a nightmare for someone like me really, but in the end, I just wanted everything.

I couldn't of course get everything, I'm on a limited budget and had some birthday money.  What helped tipped the scales was the fact that a wonderful friend got me an e-voucher for Kelly Moore, who makes the most gorgeous bags.  It was either a Kelly Moore or Epiphanie, again a most gorgeous set of bags you ever did see.  So, I've gone with Kelly Moore bags for the moment, because there are always more birthdays and more Christmases and more special occasions in the world.  And if all else fails I can save.  I now have to wait, so the waiting game begins.

I now wish I'd paid the extra and gone for extra speedy delivery, because quite frankly I'm having a really a really difficult time waiting and its only been a week.  I'm checking USPS everyday (or 3 times a day if I'm truthful) and it seems to rarely even move. :( Of course sad face, this waiting is very difficult indeed.  So stay tuned for the bag, I expect to post a picture as I'm super keen for it to arrive.

Have a good weekend and keep yourself sane if you can (I know how difficult that can be) :)

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