Sunday, September 18, 2011

Spring and Stuff

An absolutely gorgeous weekend has made me fully realise that the start of spring really is here and the year has nearly gone full circle.  Amazing how time flies isn't it?

I remember thinking at about the same time last year that I didn't think I'd get to this point in 2011 without some things happening along the way.  I didn't know how I'd get here if they did or didn't.  And now, here I am, with things that have happened that I'd perhaps rather not have and things that didn't eventuate that I wished with all my heart that they would.

But you carry on don't you? Other people have much worse things happening to them or their loved ones and they cope and get by and live and well, carry on.  So how can you not?  Sometimes its good to be reminded of those special people, who never think they're special at all.  They are just living life the best way they know how, not doing anything different, not being heroic and certainly not being special.  

It's not like this year was filled with a nothingness either.  It has been a great year, filled with so much more than I could even begin to go into.  People have let me into their lives, just so I can practice what I love, I have been places, met people and I've done some things I didn't want to do or thought I couldn't, but guess what? I could.  You always can, you just can't give up on the trying.  And me, well, I hate to give up.  I'll complain, I'll kick and I'll scream but I find it very hard to just....give up.

And so, I'm awaiting summer (and my man who is out) with high expectations and desire for great things.    Some of the great things I desire are purely material and I'm hoping to get a new camera bag I've been eyeing off.  Not sure yet whether to get one from Epiphanie or Jo Totes, so many good bags, but it will have to last me for a while.   

I've gotten all philosophical today, I think I enjoy blogging and haven't done it for a while. Not many photos this weekend.  Too filled with outside, being a couple and removing all the old files from my old pc to my Mac and loading some great new actions from Paint the Moon.  I thought about them for a while, there is a great deal going on for the Picture Perfect Mega Set, and went for it today.  The photo below is processed using some of the effects from the action set.  

Have a great week :) 

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