Friday, March 9, 2012

Well, it's been a while...

Again, so long between posts its really quite scary. I think I've spent so much time dedicating myself to photography, origami and other things this year I seem to have forgotten my poor old blog, which was really the impetus for many of these things.  It was the turning point in my online social presence.

I'm enjoying the social atmosphere on Flickr, though like some other people I've come across, I sometimes yearn for constructive criticism to help me out.  People are so nice.  I do understand though, I'm one of the nice ones. Unless you know someone personally or something 'REALLY' stands out, its hard to say, "wellll, I feel that you've oversharpened just a little and could have whitened that area up a touch"..because who am I to judge? I'm self taught, I don't follow all the rules and my images are very mediocre.  Its all personal opinion really, thats all it ever is unless you're a professional...and even then I assume part of what they say when they're passing opinion is personal mixed in with technical knowledge.

Even after saying all that, I really have learnt a lot already and its only something like, day 069/366 (because thats how I think now that I'm participating in a photo a day challenge) :) And people still find ways sometimes of saying things that make you re-think an image or when you look at what others have done you think, WOW, I should try 'new' angles sometimes as opposed to the regular or not be so consumed with shallow depth of field...which I CANNOT get enough of :)

Beetle bright

This image was taken for one of the challenges I'm participating in but I've now started up an NQR or Not Quite Right set in Flickr.  They're images that I processed, took for a challenge but one of the other images won out in the end by a whisker. I took this image after seeing other people highlighting elements of an image, using rule of thirds and as I mentioned previously, I LOVE BOKEH! 

So, with hopes that I'm not away for so long next time and that perhaps with a long weekend looming in Australia, I'll be able to get this blog up to date with some of my images :))
Please take a look at my Flickr account if you're interested to see everything as not everything will be posted here.

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