Monday, January 2, 2012

Meeting the Challenge...

Today marks day 2 of the new year and day 2 of my challenges.  We'll see how I'm going on day 16 or more!
So far the only daily challenge I have is my reading challenge/s (which haven't completely been confirmed yet) and my Origami challenge.  This one seems to be turning into a photo a day as well, but its only day two.  I can see potential is all.

This evening I submitted my photos for the two '52 week' challenges I'm participating in.  Let's Do 52 with Paint the Moon and Friday Photo 2012 both on Flickr.  I need to either submit these with space between or find a better way to post them, but for now, the photos are below.

I also seem to be having trouble still with putting my Flickr images in this blog so will have to manually insert. Once I have it ironed out I'll paste the link :)

Infinity - Beginnings - FP2012

Love - Beginnings - FP2012

002 - Penguin - Origami-A-Day

Challenges - FP2012 and Let's Do 52

52 Week Project Photo Paint the Moon Photoshop Actions PSE

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